Meeting between Enter Engineering PTE Ltd. and NEABL

Meeting with Enter Engineering Pte ltd.

A meeting between Enter Engineering PTE Ltd. and NEABL has been successfully accomplished at the head office of NEABL on the 14th September 2019.
Enter Engineering PTE Ltd. is an Uzbekistan based giant civil engineering and Construction Company and the company is under taking some of the giant construction contracts from Bangladesh government and private sector

Enter Engineering PTE Ltd. wants NEABL to be their local partner organization of Bangladesh. Therefore Mr. Oybek the business development manager and Mr. Almir the quality control manager visited a project, workshop and office to justify the quality of work, employee skills and overall management.
Having visited NEABL Mr. Oybek and Mr. Almir were highly satisfied with the experience, skills, machineries and hospitality of NEABL. NEABL family was also very proud to be with them.
Our gracious thanks to Enter Engineering PTE Ltd., Mr. Oybek and Mr. Almir.

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