Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd provides a complete range of top Quality and Cost Effective Concrete Floor Construction Services for warehouse and industrial units.

Our leading range of expertise consists of:

  • Floor Flatness and Flatness Specifications
  • Design and Construction Services
  • Design Review
  • Super-flat High Tolerance Floor Construction
  • Long Strip Floor Construction
  • Laser Screed Floor Construction
  • Super-flat Fast Track Laser Screed /Laser Grinder
  • Topping Slab Floor System
  • Cold Stored Floor System
  • On-site Supervision

Floor Construction Survey Flatness is crucial in many industrial and warehouse floors, where the central challenges are the efficient use of space, equipment and labor.
Floor Flatness in floor construction is fundamental for many reasons, specifically in Very Narrow Aisle warehouse units and achieving the correct floor flatness standards for your warehouse operation will help to provide warehouse operators with peace of mind.

Design Build

Naif Engineering & Builder Ltd are able to provide a total design and build package.
Regarded as the link between the Logistics Industry and the Construction Industry, Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd understands the requirements of one and the capabilities of the other.
Our design service includes structural design, detail design and specification. Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd will create a design that fulfils expectation and that can be produced cost effectively without being over specified.
Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd can also offer a range of design and consultancy services including design reviews, on site supervision, condition report. Find out more here.


Do you require large floors with very high tolerances, but have a tight schedule?
Our unique combination of high output Laser Screed ® floor construction and Laser Grinding system offer a FastTrack and a perfect solution. No other flooring contractor can provide this complete comprehensive service.
Building floors to very high tolerances can be very time consuming. However the Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd superflat high tolerance fast rack Laser Screed ®/Laser Grind solution removes the flooring works off the critical path. Once the roof and walls are built, we can construct up to 1,500m2 of FM2 ground supported floor per day, making short work of large floor areas. Then overhead services and racking can be fitted while the aisles are being ground to tolerance with our patented system, the Laser Grinder ®. Our cast-grind solution can save weeks off the building program.

Industrial Floor Specialists

New or Existing Floor
Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd is expert in construction and enhancement of floors in both new and existing warehouse units and Distribution Centers.
Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd is the most accomplished professional Concrete Flooring Contractor serving in the area. With a complete range of Hi-Tech appliances, and a team of fully qualified and expert professionals, Naif Engineering & Builders is able to supply a full range of High Quality Concrete Flooring Services and money saving solutions, from Super-Flat High Tolerance Floor Construction, Large Pour Floor Construction to Special Floor Upgrades.
Our leading range of services consists of:

  • Design and Construction Services
  • Design Reviews
  • On-site Supervision
  • Super-flat High Tolerance Floor Construction
  • Laser Screed ® Floors
  • Joint Free Construction by Laser Screed ®
  • Upgrading Narrow Aisle Floors by Laser Grinding
  • Wire Guidance Installation
  • Pump Screed Floors
  • Floor Joint Repairs
  • Super-flat Construction Training
  • Seminars and Presentations
  • Condition Reports
  • Joint Stabilizing

Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd is part of international industrial floor solution experts. Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd has over 10 years global expertise in the Design, Construction and Upgrading of Industrial Concrete floors.

Superflat Floor

Superflat High Tolerance is a term commonly applied to high tolerance floor flatness within a defined movement, VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) facility.
A Defined Traffic Path appears when Material Handling Equipment (MHE) moves up and down the floor surface in exactly the same wheel position every time. VNA warehouses are the most frequent application for defined traffic specifications.
To assist in your decision whether Superflat High Tolerance is appropriate for you, please read the following information supplied in the options below:

  • What is Superflat High Tolerance?
  • Superflat High Tolerance Floors: Where Do I Start?
  • Superflat High Tolerance Floor: System Solutions

Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd offers various construction solutions for accomplishing Superflat High Tolerance floors. These consist of:

  • High Tolerance Long Strip Method
  • Superflat High Tolerance Laser Screed / Laser Grinder

Find out more about the Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd.

Topping Slab Floors

When design and programme prohibit construction of the structural slab to tolerance or when extensive upgrading is needed, our topping slab floor system is the solution.
Assembled with complete mechanical bond or unbonded; starting at 75mm thick, these slabs are finished to tolerance for Free Movement or VNA applications.
Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd has demonstrated the effectiveness of topping slab construction to a vast audience of global clients.


Polish Concrete, a revolutionary grinding & polishing system adaptable to fit a variety of machine types. Learn more about this ground breaking system and how you can implement this in your work.


  • Adaptable to fit power trowels, autoscrubbers and swing machines
  • No expensive mounting accessories to purchase and bring to jobs
  • Fast production rates
  • Easily transition between steps with Polish Concrete Hook Fasteners

Polish Concrete System

Polish Concrete is an easy-to-use grinding and polishing system which adapts to a variety of floor machines, creating a fast and complete process to finish a concrete surface. Utilizing our superior quality and unique design, you can now polish a floor up to 1,000 m2 / 10,000 ft2 in a single day using an ordinary power trowel. Polish Concrete also adapts to fit auto scrubbers or even swing machines.

How it Works

  • Attach the Polish Concrete Hook Fasteners around the edge of your floating pan / pad driver
  • Place the Polish Concrete Diamonds slightly outside the velcro line, for easy removal when switching between steps
  • Power Trowels: 48″ – 10 discs per head | 36″ – 8 discs per head
  • Auto Scrubbers and Swing Machines: 16 – 20″ – 4 Discs | 14″ – 15″ – 3 discs


When Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd first started, one of our customers sent us a snapshot of a recent project they had just completed with their country’s coin sitting upright on the surface, reflecting perfectly on the finished concrete. Immediately we knew that this idea would not only be a tradition that we would follow but a worldwide trademark of our brand. Over the past few years we have been collecting coins from all over the world where Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd projects have been completed. Naif Engineering and Builders Ltd began, as a family owned business and we value the concept of a global tradition.

One-Step Color For Concrete

  • A one-step, unique color hardener available in for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Offered in wide range of colors, each color may be used alone or combined to produce an unlimited range of color hues and artistic effects.
  • Supplied as a concentrate which minimizes freight, handling, storage and container disposal costs.

Color Concrete System

We add a custom and artistic aspect to concrete finishing, whether through color or extraordinary sheen. These solutions differ from traditional coatings because they penetrate the surface, becoming and integrated part of the concrete. Enhancing the floor with the Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd colors is affordable and differentiates each project. The following represent the revolution of flooring design and are perfect for all types of industry jobs.

Color Concrete Penetrating, Translucent Color Dye For Interior

  • A proprietary, non-flammable, water-reducible formulation, which penetrates and colors concrete surfaces.
  • Does not etch the concrete or corrode adjacent architectural metals.
  • Adds color & depth to diamond-polished concrete.
  • Available in many colors that may be used alone or in layers to produce an unlimited range of color shades


Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd specialises in the enhancement of floor upgrades, floor flatness, finishes, refurbishment and repair of warehouse, industrial and factory floor slabs.

About Floor Joints

Floor joints are basically manipulated cracks in concrete slabs. The floor joints should be planned in to the design and positioned to let the floor move without constraining its movement. Early life drying shrinkage and long term thermal changes are the primary causes of floor joint movement.

Floor joints are often the most common source of maintenance problem in an industrial or a warehouse floor. Their edges, or arrisses, are susceptible to damage and tend to ‘spall’ under the force from hard wheeled traffic

Our Floor Joint Repair Experience

We have constantly improved methods and repair materials to tackle all types of floor joint and floor usage, with the aim to supplying the best quality repairs, with minimal interruption to the client’s operation.

Our comprehensive range of services include

  • Floor Flatness
  • Laser Grinder ®
  • Floor Joint Repairs
  • Pump Screed Floors
  • Joint Stabilising

Our Floor Joint Repair Solution

The Naif Engineering & Builders Ltd of companies have been carrying out high quality, long lasting floor joint repairs for over a decade – we usually replace other contractor’s unsuccessful efforts at floor joint repairs, but we have yet to replace one of our own.
Some of our most common floor joint repair solutions include:-

  • Type 1 – Typical Narrow Floor Joint Reseal / Crack Repair
  • Type 2 – Typical Wide Floor Joint Reseal Repair
  • Type 3 – Typical floor Joint Arris Repair
  • Type 3 – Typical floor Joint Arris Repair

Floor Joint Stabilising

If you have floor joint problems, you may also have floor joint stabilising issues. Read about our floor joint stabilising solution.