General Terms and Condition:

Working hour is limited from 8am to 6pm. But extra hours may require in case of emergency. The company we are going to work with has to approve this condition since the contract is signed.

All work areas will be kept broom clean at the end of each working day.

NAIF ENGINEERING & BUILDERS LTD will not be responsible for any costs or schedule impacts associated with rectifying any “hidden” issues or events beyond the reasonable control of NAIF ENGINEERING & BUILDERS LTD, which issues prevent or otherwise inhibit completion of the project and do not fall within the general scope of work. The parties must agree in writing on the costs associated with rectifying any such “hidden” issues.

Our Employee may have access in toilet of “X Company” for personal use.

Other terms and conditions shall be as set forth in a written contract that will be negotiated in good faith between the parties.

All obligations of “X COMPANY”, described herein will be carried out in a timely manner, including the obligation to make timely payment in accordance with the payment terms and schedule provided herein.

Mutually acceptable terms and conditions will be negotiated between “X COMPANY”, and NAIF ENGINEERING & BUILDERS LTD and will supplement the terms and conditions contained herein.

“X COMPANY”, will provide prompt feedback/answers on any questions NAIF ENGINEERING & BUILDERS LTD may have and be reasonably available to NAIF ENGINEERING & BUILDERS LTD in furtherance of the project.

NAIF ENGINEERING & BUILDERS LTD will be provided access to “X COMPANY”, premises as reasonably required to perform the work during the working hours set forth above.

Management reserves the right to change the price on-month prior notice.

Warranty given 10 years from the date of completed C2 application according to the terms & condition of warranty paper.

Warranty papers will be submitted after the finishing of the project.